10 and 2 Traffic School


10 and 2 Traffic School

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long before I can get started with driving lessons?

The answer to this depends on several factors.
First and foremost is ARE YOU READY?
Second is, WHERE DO YOU  LIVE?

ARE YOU READY?  Check out these 6 simple steps to see how close you are to being “READY”
1.  TLSAE online course (drug and alcohol course Checkout | ASI Course)
2. Road signs and rules test  -online if under 18/ in DMV if over 18.    If you need a handbook to study….Florida Driver’s Manual 2023 | (FL DMV Handbook)
3. Obtain permit
4. Go online to Behind The Wheel Driving Lessons – 10 and 2 Traffic School– Scroll down, choose package you want,  ENROLL/Pay
5.  Receive by text, link to student CONTRACT, fill that out asap and Submit.
6. Once we receive the enrollment and contract, then booking will call you within 12-48 hrs to schedule.  ( usually less )

We have instructors in Jacksonville and Palm Coast areas at this time and with that, we service most of NE Florida.. ( We can even go a bit out of our range for an additional fee, call for details.)  So, depending on which area you live and….

WHAT TIME OF DAY YOU ARE FREE,  we will accommodate your needs as early as we possibly can.

2. Where can I find a driver's handbook to study?
3. If I'm over 18 do I still need a permit?
Yes you do need a permit to drive in a car with an instructor even if you are 18 or older. To obtain this permit you will need to take the test in the DMV /tax collector’s office and pay the fees they charge. Only UNDER 18 can take the Road signs and Rules test online.
However, if you are over 18, you are not required to hold that permit for a full year as under 18 year olds are. As soon as you are ready to “Road test”, you may.
4. Where can I get more answers to questions you have not listed?
Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle website has an extensive FAQ page that cover far more than the frequent questions we typically get at our driving school, we highly recommend that you click the link if we didn’t cover your question about driving.


5. I have an international license, do I still need a Florida permit to get lessons?
If you have a valid international drivers license or an out of state license or permit, you may use that to get lessons with us.
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